The increasing value of photos


Years ago, I captured this moment of affection (above) between my wife Debra and one of our dogs, Laska. I still like that photo a lot.


Back then, it was a nice shot, but it wasn't yet suffused with much meaning. Today, however, it's a virtual time machine, a bittersweet marker of years advancing — a document of joy and loss.


This goes for photos of every person and every creature dear to all of us: our children, our spouse, our siblings, parents and friends — but especially for photos of our pets, who, after all, are only with us for a limited amount of time. (Laska, a whip-smart, affectionate wolf/husky hybrid, died of kidney failure five years later, aged just seven. My precious buddy Princie, below, a cross between a samoyed and an Australian sheep dog, passed away at 11, wracked by epileptic seizures.)


As heartbroken as our dogs' deaths made us feel, we're so happy to have

these photos, and others, to remember them by.

Amble down memory lane as you look at yesteryear's images, and if

you're anything like me, the feelings come flooding. Gratitude, mostly, for

good times spent together. Love — so much love. And deep down inside,

a gnawing ache that the past is the past, forever walled off, its treasures

locked away for good.


Also, we may feel wonder at how it all breezed by like that, with brutal

quickness — ephemeral, fleeting, unnoticed on most days.

That rich palette of emotions radiates from almost all the family / personal photos that are important to us. I'm lucky to have images that are profoundly meaningful to me, and lucky that my profession is to make sure that other people get theirs.

What you'll spend

The upfront fee for a 45-60 minute pet session, due at booking, is $195. Within two weeks after the session, you'll receive professionally developed photos in an online gallery, web-sized and shareable, with the authentic You Lucky Dog logo on them — accept no substitute!  :-)


You'll also get a custom iPhone or Android phone app with the finished photos, yours to keep forever.


After this, you may choose one or more of the following:

1. A print credit. Receive $250 worth of archival, museum-quality prints. You may order any combination of sizes and finishes — for instance, two 16x20'' prints, plus three 8x10''s, plus a 5x7''. Or two 8x10''s plus fourteen 5x7''s. Or a 16x24'' plus an 8x12''. We'd glad to help you choose, just call us. Price: $199 and up.

2. One or two high-end canvases. Stretched tightly around a hidden, sturdy wooden frame, canvases are the best option if you want bold, eye-catching wall art. You may choose either two 16x20'' premium canvas gallery wraps, or one 20x30'' premium canvas gallery wrap. Price: $299. 

3. A gorgeous custom album. A unique 16-to-20-page 10x10'' flushmount album featuring rigid luster pages and a leather or leatherette cover. Designed by the photographer and custom-printed and handbound just for you. (Ask us about album upgrades such as larger sizes; a cameo or crystal cover; spill-proof, metallic-finished pages; and beautiful presentation boxes.) Price: $399 and up.

After payment in full, clients who order two or all three of these options may opt to receive the high-resolution digital files for free.

Looking to save more money? Book and prepay by September 2019, and you'll receive $50 off the total price. In addition, we'll make a donation in your name to the SPCA of Hancock County. (Offer expires this August 31.)

You Lucky Dog Photography offers Pawtraits of Distiction — studio-lit or natural-light photo pet portraits that bring out the personality of dogs, cats, and other cherished pets, as well as the love between them and their owner / family. We craft our images for proud pet parents in Maine and beyond.